Sending Files

File Formats for CNC Routing: Please go to 'Contact Us' page to upload your files.


We do advise sending us actual vector CAD files to speed up the process and to save you extra costs but if you have a basic sketch or drawing and you simply do not have access to CAD software, we can carry out all artwork in house.

We can usually convert PDF, ( .ai and .eps ) file formats into a suitable CAD format for us to use and this service will be charged per hour until finalised, (please see our terms and conditions for basic pricing)

Acceptable formats are: VECTOR FILES ONLY

Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps - must be CS4 or lower)
AutoCad (.dxf or .dwg are preferable for all vector cutting applications.)

  • All text must be converted to curves/paths
  • All outlines must be converted to objects/paths
  • All objects/paths must be combined and not grouped
  • All geometry must be of a professional quality with a reasonable amount of nodes (control points)
  • A vector format file containing embedded bitmaps is not a true vector artwork and therefore cannot be used
  • White geometry cannot be used as a mask to hide any parts of the design
  • Overlapping geometries must be joined to form one path/box (i.e. a rebate in a panel to overlap the edge to clear tool radius's)

There will be no artwork charges for use of (.dxf or .dwg ) file formats and if the above guidelines can't be met then art charges will be incurred, CNC-IT T&C's will apply.

If all else fails and the job is fairly simple, do us a sketch and we'll draw it up for you.