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1:08:24 AM on Tuesday 7th July 2015

Featured on Channel 4s Grand Designs on 11.3.2009. In collaboration with Joe Mellows Furniture, Cnc-it Ltd were featured as part of the team who successfully manufactured the fantastic staircase that was such a feature of the self build house in Headcorn, Kent.

The initial design concept was submitted to Joe from the prestigious London based architects Eldridge Smerin. Joe then developed the concept and drawings then we got to work programming and accurately cutting over 250 components to within 0.01mm. This took only a matter of days on the CNC but enabled Joe to concentrate his efforts on developing the handrail, balustrade and pole, thus saving him weeks of labour intensive and repetitive cutting work.

If you missed the programme go to Channel 4's catch up on their website here to see this exciting episode!

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